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Let’s go outside

Let's go outside

Remember the long, hot summer last year?

Last year things really started to heat up in May.

Is your outdoor space ready to make the most of the opportunity? 
Maybe you’re attending festivals, fêtes, fairs or farmers markets. Maybe you’re flying flags on your forecourt. Or maybe you’re sprucing up your beer garden, your patio or even just your staff rest area.

Whatever you’re planning, we’ve got it covered. Our outdoor promo range is weatherproof and can be branded entirely how you’d like. Check out the new additions for the summer season, and save 10% on selected products during May.


10% OFF

New Giant

Deck Chairs

Only €589 during May.

Orders approved by 6pm on 31/05/19

10% OFF


Quill Grande

From €215 during May.

Orders approved by 6pm on 31/05/19

10% OFF



From €269 during May.

Orders approved by 6pm on 31/05/19

It’s here! Introducing the NEW Exhibit Guide.

Printing.com Exhibit Guide

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you look when you’re saying it.

Our Exhibit range gives you the tools to emphasise your message. For the first time, create enormous eye-catching displays… without the eye-watering price tag.

The latest edition of our Exhibit guide features the complete product range, including new fabric display designs and ideas.

Take a look at our easy to assemble exhibition stands, meeting booths, office furniture and marketing essentials like flags and banners.

NEW for April. Get the latest Printing Guide today.

Printing.com Print Guide

Hit them right in the feels, with print.

Your website needs to look impressive. It has to be clear and consistent. You know that already.
But big brands don’t just focus everything online. They combine their online presence with offline marketing.
Why? Print and direct mail is proven to build trust. It’s perceived to be more credible. It plays with emotions.
And it appeals to multiple senses – touch and sight. There’s nothing like it. And you can exploit that power, very cost-effectively.

Sometimes too much choice is daunting. That’s why this guide features our top selling collections. Our most popular, best value ranges. With a few curious and quirky options sprinkled in, to titillate and add allure.

Get 10% OFF

During April 2019 only, use voucher code APRIL2 to get 10% off when you purchase any two items from this guide.

Can be used multiple times on orders approved by 6pm on 30/04/19

Get 20% OFF

During April 2019 only, use voucher code APRIL3 to get 20% off when you purchase any three items from this guide.

Can be used once on orders approved by 6pm on 30/04/19

What Makes Wallplanners an Effective Marketing Tool?

The Wallplanner is an excellent promotional device that’ll raise your brand profile over an entire year.

What makes Wallplanners so effective? Essentially it’s a tool that can be annotated and used for sharing dates and events. It differs greatly from the diary (invariably a private device) and provides far greater scope for planning than a typical calendar. It also occupies a large area keeping your brand in view. It has the prospect of being used regularly and has the potential lifespan of a whole year.

Who uses Wallplanners? Our customers tell us that they put them on their office walls for important dates, meetings and appointments. They’re also put up in staff areas to detail holidays, training dates and team meetings. Some take them home to share dates with the family – doctors appointments, holidays and children’s parties; students may find them a great place to carve out a cleaning rota!

Send to customers & prospects as a cost effective marketing tool. Great as giveaways at events, shows and exhibitions.

Make your Wallplanner a money spinner or share the cost by selling adverts to local businesses. Put them around the outside of the Wallplanner so it’ll be a go-to-guide for local amenities, take aways and shops.

With Wallplanners, you’ll be the first to get the call while your competitor’s leaflets linger in the recycling pile along with the old newspapers.

Our Wallplanners are available in A2 or A1 on silk art paper in unfolded and folded options – great for posting out. There’s also a gloss laminated option which can be wiped clean when written with dry markers.

Time is of the essence – your clients will probably put up the first Wallplanner they receive, so you don’t want to delay sending them. Promote your business all year round in 2014 by getting in touch with your local studio who can provide you with a 2014 calendar template to get you started. Order online today and get 25% off the usual price.

Wallplanners from printing.com

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Christmas is coming…

…and sooner than you think!

Picture it now. Lights turned down low, carol singers warbling outside, chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Yep, it’s that time of year again when we come over all festive. And boy have we turned up the heat on our Christmas range this year.

We’ve got our biggest range of exclusive Christmas Card designs ever. Choose your favourite and easily personalise with your details -€“ no design skills needed. Change text, choose colours and fonts. Add your own logo or type in your business name and personalise the message on the inside. All of our Edit&Go Christmas Cards are half price during October, get 50 from €96 including envelopes.

While many people are barely into the “back to work” routine after Summer, some of our customers have already started planning their Christmas promotions.

During October organise your festive calendar gifts. With 25% off Fourteen Month Calendars and Hanging Calendars, there’s never been a better time to make sure you’re on your customers walls all year round -€“ make sure your competition don’t get there first.

Ask us for your copy of our Festive Buying Guide packed with high quality and cost effective ways to give you the edge over your competitors this festive period.

Start Planning Christmas Today


Colour Inspiration September

Our September Palette consists of warm, natural, earthy colours. Ideal for products and companies that want to appear trustworthy or organic. Brown can be associated with dependability and reliability, with steadfastness, and with earthiness. Dark shades of red in give a powerful and elegant feel to designs.

We’ve included the colour make up on each swatch of our September palette, speak to your local printing.com about incorporating these colours in your next marketing campaign.


Why it Pays to Go Green

It pays to go greenWhy choose recycled paper?

Using recycled paper is a simple decision that can make a great difference. It’s also an easy and clear way to communicate your brand values.

Making your business more sustainable not only saves you money, it can also win you customers looking for companies with green credentials. Over 80% of UK and IRE companies now have a corporate social responsibility strategy, according to research by Future Thinking. Promoting your environmentally friendly methods can set your business apart from your competitors and attract new customers who want to buy products and services from an environmentally friendly business. There are lots of different ‘green’ logos you can use on your leafletsletterheads and flyers to show you care (ask us about which ones you can use on your marketing).

Printing on recycled paper saves trees, energy, water and landfill space compared to non recycled paper. This is because recycled materials have already been refined and processed once. Manufacturing the second time is much cleaner and less energy intensive than the first time. Recycled paper meets the same high technical specification as virgin paper and will run successfully on the most demanding photocopiers and office printers. Print on both sides of the paper to save even more.

It places less strain on global forest resources. Paper recycling optimises the use of a valuable material and reduces the amount of virgin pulp required. Although forests are increasingly managed in a sustainable way there is a need to reduce wastage by using more recycled content. Put the paper in the recycling bin, close the loop by buying recycled, and hey presto: virgin trees have been saved. According to Recycle Now, 67% of the paper and cardboard used in the UK and IRE is recovered for recycling.

Our recycled range is made from 100% post-consumer waste and is FSC certified meaning you can be sure that the paper you buy is environmentally sound and is promoting responsible forest management. Ask us about using the Recycled Paper logo or the FSC logo on your marketing. Our most popular Recycled products are half price during August -€“ saving the planet and your pocket.

Recycled Paper

How to boost your brand with stickers

What’s the appeal of stickers?

They’re affordable, fun and you can stick them anywhere you like.

You can put whatever you like on stickers -€“ your logo, web address, a photograph, a cool illustration. What’s more, with our Fast&Few Stickers you can have a different design on each sticker on the sheet -€“ perfect to highlight different offers and promotions to your customers. They’re also great for labeling, organizing your paperwork and adding to gift boxes. Here’s a few ideas…

[wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””]

68x96mm Rectangle Fast&Few Stickers

37x37mm Circle Fast&Few Stickers

68x96mm Rectangle Fast&Few Stickers

45x80mm Rectangle Fast&Few Stickers[/wpcol_1third]


[wpcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]
Got a logo? (talk to us if you don’t!) Put it on a sticker. Now you’re ready to put your mark on anything you like. Perhaps you’re planning a bit of guerilla marketing, or want to brand everything in sight. It’s great way to spread the word about your business.

Mailing stickers
Our Rectangle Kiss-cut stickers are ideal for mailing stickers. Let your customer know how important they are by adding “Urgent” or “Priority” to their package. They also make great return labels, just add your logo and address.

Filing labels
Create your own labels to stick on the outside of files, no more scribbling out the old title – simply pop a new label over the top and write on the new contents. They’ll look professional and keep everything neat and tidy.

Give them to your customers
Everyone loves a sticker. Give them out with orders, mail outs and invoices, your customer will stick them to their belongings and be reminded of you. Put together a few designs so they can pick their favourite. They’ll see it again and again as they go throughout their day. Excellent for giving out at events, launches and exhibitions.

Product packaging
Circular stickers are perfect for sealing wrapping paper or adding to gift boxes. They add a little bit of personalisation that will make your packaging stand out and look professional. Our Rectangle ones also make great labels for jam and chutney jars.

Name tags
Hosting a network meeting, taking part in an event or exhibition? Let everyone know who’s who by wearing rectangular stickers displaying their name alongside your logo and organisation. Now they’ll remember your name as well as your brilliant ideas.

Business cards
Stickers make business cards more intriguing. Try out a few designs on the sheet and hand out different coloured ones depending on your mood or what part of your business or services you’re trying to promote. They’ll make an impression be stuck somewhere handy to refer to later.

Say well done
Stick some praise on your pupils with behaviour and motivational merit stickers. Encourage their attendance and punctuality by awarding them for 100% attendance in a month or being on time all week. Give them a boost by adding stickers to a chart for full marks in a test or outstanding homework.

June is a great time to boost your brand with stickers as Fast&Few Stickers are half price. Need help with design? Speak to your local studio.

Scratch your Way to Success

Scratch Cards add fun and interaction to any promotionYour customers receive a multitude of messages every day, in a wide variety of formats. It takes a little bit of thought and planning to make sure your message stands out. If you give out leaflets or vouchers with discount offers on them, think about putting the same offer under a scratch card panel. The fact that the person has to spend time scratching off the panel means that they actually spend more time participating with your promotion – that makes them more likely to buy.

Whether your goal is to increase sales, create a customer reward program, or engage your employees with an incentive scheme, scratch cards are one of the most versatile and fun ways to promote yourself. People love to scratch. Scratch cards have the advantage of being simple, well known and they offer the opportunity to give your customers something for nothing. This will increase your ‘€˜stickiness’€™ – people will keep returning if they know you’re offering them a chance to win money off or prizes.

Everyone loves gifts and prizes. People love to ‘€˜win’€™ things. They even love to participate in anything offering them a chance to win. Win prizes! You win! Winner! See how powerful these words are? It could be anything from a free pizza to free nightclub entry. It could be a discount on your products or services, or even just a free Curly Wurly.

There’s no time to lose -€“ start thinking about how a little bit of scratching could benefit your business. Contact your local printing.com team for some great ideas.

Top 3 reasons for using Scratch Cards…

1. They’€™re irresistible – everybody loves to win gifts and prizes.
2. They’€™re immediate – people know straight away whether they’€™ve won.
3. They’re intriguing – what’€™s under the panel? What can I win?